Natural Treatments for Sore Throat

Unfortunately, winter brings plenty of health problems, especially colds, flu and infections in the throat.

Sore throats are some of the most commons pains that we can have. Firstly, you must know that a sore throat is a viral infection, not a bacterial one. Usually, sore throats are caused by allergies, dry air, cold or flu. That’s why, before you take antibiotics, we offer you some natural remedies which will help you combat an unpleasant sore throat and make you feel better.

Gargle with warm salt water

Everybody knows about the gargle with warm salt water because our grandmothers used this practice before. When you have a sore throat, the cells in the mucous membranes are inflamed. The salt has the main function to decrease the swelling and to reduce the mucous excess and secretions.

For this practice, you will need one cup of warm water and 2 spoons of table salt. It’s recommended to repeat 2 times per day, for a few days. It’s already known that this remedy will kill bacteria from your throat.

Drink hot tea

A hot tea with honey and lemon is good for everyone, even for someone who has a sore throat. The lemon and honey will sooth your throat and reduce mucus membranes irritation and swelling. To prepare this kind of tea you will need some hot chamomile tea, 2 slices of lemon and 2 spoons of honey.

Another remedy that will calm your sore throat is a mixture of lemon and honey. You will need one chopped lemon with 4 spoons of honey. Let this mixture macerate for one day and eat one or two spoons of it every morning.

It’s recommended to avoid irritants, such as smoke, caffeine, alcohol, cold beverages and even smog.

Raw garlic

Maybe not everybody knows this, but garlic has antiseptic antiviral and antifungal properties, so it can be useful to relieve your sore throat.

You should chew it for a few minutes to release the allicin. This compound can kill the bacteria which causes you pain and irritation. If this is too hard to digest, then add some honey or olive oil.

Usually, it’s better to sooth a sore throat with natural remedies, even if there are lots of medication that can treat or calm this kind of infection. These are only a few of the remedies that you can try to treat your pain and also avoid other complications.

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