Mobility Aids for People who Suffer from Arthritis

People who suffer from arthritis find their every day living quite difficult. Some people consider routine tasks very hard to do and so they become discouraged. Although the condition mainly affects the elderly, there are situations when younger people suffer from some type of arthritis. Living in modern times may be a good thing because we can get all sort of devices that can be very helpful. What type of mobility aid is helpful for arthritis varies from person to person, so here is a brief presentation about them.


A walker is one of the most common item that offers additional stability and mobility, being a great helper for a person in order to remain independent. It can help you if your condition is incipient and if you only need some aid for walking. Most walkers are adjustable so it’s very important to size the walker properly for you. You may choose a walker with wheels added to the front side. A similar option is a rollator walker that is similar to a standard walker, but it has tires and hand brakes and the person using it has to be strong enough to control it.

Stair lift

Since the action of climbing stairs can be too painful for this condition, a stair lift may turn to be very helpful. Patients can easily introduce a stair lift into their daily routine and be transported up and down the stairs without incident. Stair lifts can offer a lot freedom and independence, and you don’t have to modify the structure of your house because of your health problem. This device has the advantage of a quick and easy installation.


The wheelchair is a proper device for those who suffer from some chronic arthritis problems. Those using it, spend a lot of time standing in the wheelchair so the comfort is one of the major factors to consider. Since they are manual, be sure that you can handle the wheelchair or that you are assisted by another person.

Mobility scooter

It is recommended for those who have lost the ability to walk longer distances due to arthritis pain. Unlike the wheelchairs, which are moved manually, mobility scooters are powered by different forms of energy and movement sources.If you don’t know which scooter to buy, check out the mobility scooter ratings of Gilbert Marshall. These ratting are very useful for comparing different mobility scooters and for deciding on the best one for your needs.

They have various advantages to using a mobility scooter, one of the most important ones being the fact that they are easy and simple to operate. They have a set of handle bars attached to a tiller and the accelerator may be easily controlled by a single finger, being supplied with an automatic breaking system.

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