Male Infertility – Causes and Remedies

Up to 15% of men are struggling with infertility even though they are young and sexually active people who try hard to have a baby. Those who encounter fertility issues feel embarrassed and often refuse medical investigations because they feel uncomfortable, which leads to further complications. A thorough examination and the proper treatment can help men recover their fertility so it’s important to discover what has caused their infertility and how it can be treated.

Main causes of infertility

  • Sperm blockages

Infertility consists of a low-quality sperm that is unable to fertilize an egg and lead to a pregnancy. Also, some men have problems ejaculating or they ejaculate a quantity of sperm that is not enough to fertilize an egg. Blockages or obstructions in the tubes that lead sperm to the penis make men unable to release sperm that could allow them to leave a woman pregnant.

  • Sexual problems

Men who have troubles having an erection are more likely to be infertile because their sperm loses quality and they stop being sexually active. Potency issues or erectile dysfunctions is another common problem regarding male sexual organ and it’s one of the main causes that trigger infertility.

  • Low levels of hormones

Infertility can often result from low levels of male hormones like testosterone which are released by the testicles or other glands in the body, including the thyroid. Men who experience unbalanced hormone levels often have problems having babies because their body can’t manage to produce healthy sperm.

  • Medication

Some types of medicines such as long-term anabolic steroid use, testosterone replacement therapy, cancer medications, certain antifungal medications, some ulcer drugs and other medicines can cause infertility because they limit the production of sperm.

Proper remedies for infertility

  • Hormone supplements

Your doctor is the only one who can prescribe the right medication according to what causes your infertility. Depending on the type of cause detected, the doctor will prescribe the right medicines that contain hormones in order to regulate your body’s hormone levels.

  • Potency enhancers


In case the infertility is caused by potency issues, the doctor will prescribe potency enhancers like VigRX that solves erectile dysfunctions and brings back sexual appetite. This medicine only contains natural extracts that treat your impotence without any side effects.

  • Surgery

More severe causes of infertility might require surgery that will clear the testicle tubes that release sperm so the affected man can recover the ability to ejaculate.

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