How to Protect a Baby’s Skin in the Winter

Winter conditions can be harmful for any type of skin, especially for the delicate and soft skin or your baby. Along with the chilly weather some problems may appear, such as irritation, itchiness, dryness or eczema. In this article you can learn some tips for protecting your baby’s skin during the cold season.

Layers of clothing

Parents tend to dress babies in too many clothes, so they become overheated and develop an irritating heat rash. In order to prevent that, it is recommended to dress the baby in several layers of clothing that will help regulate the temperature of the body. Keep in mind that babies feel the temperature almost in the same way that we do, so one more layer of clothing than adults, will be more than sufficient.

Protection for the head, hand and feet

To protect the most exposed parts of you baby from the outside elements, you can use gloves, socks and a little bonnet or hat. If the skin is exposed to wind and cold air it becomes very dry. The nose, the lips and the chin can also get very irritated. Use some cream and a lip balm to add a protective layer that will heal and prevent chapped lips.

Warm and short baths

Warm baths after being outside in the cold, may be the best way to warm your baby. Be sure about the water temperature and don’t exaggerate with the idea of using hot water. Water that is too hot can dry and burn their soft skin. Also, try to keep the bath time short, in order to avoid a long exposure that can affect their skin. Use natural products that aren’t too scented and avoid those that contain chemicals and could worsen the winter rash.

Moisturize the skin

It is very common for babies to suffer from eczema, so moisturizing the skin after bathing will help prevent that problem. Make sure you moisturize your baby’s skin after each bath and anytime you see a sign of dry skin.

Use a humidifier.

Placing a humidifier in your baby’s room will help you a lot during the winter. When you turn on the central heater, the air gets drier and it can irritate the baby’s skin, so the humidifier will help increase the humidity level into the house and protect the baby’s skin. Besides this aspect, a humidifier has other advantages, like helping the baby sleep or relieving the cold symptoms or respiratory infections.

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