How Different Types of Saunas Can Improve Your Health

A sauna is a special heated room that reaches high temperatures and has a well-controlled humidity. Saunas offer both recreational and therapeutic benefits. The sweating helps your body eliminate toxins. These days, there is a wide variety of sauna options, including electric, wood burning or infrared. Here we can offer you s description for each of them and their health benefits.

Wood burning sauna

A wood burning sauna uses the traditional type of sauna heater. It is the most efficient for heating a large space and for maintaining the heat longer. Wood heaters run at a lower temperature than the other types, which makes them appropriate for people who prefer a less intensive heat. If you want an abundance of steam, this kind of sauna is the perfect choice as there is more space for rocks.

Electric sauna

The electric sauna works without having to use fire, but having instead a series of electric resistors. These resistors activate when the sauna is turned on and will create heat through energy. They are very efficient for heating small spaces quite rapidly and unlike any other type of sauna, the temperature gets a bit higher.

Both of of the above mentioned saunas can offer you the option to choose dry or wet saunas. The difference will depend on humidity and temperature. In wet saunas, you sweat, therefore your body eliminates unwanted toxins. Also, wet saunas, taken on a regular basis, may decrease the illness possibilities because viruses don’t resist in such high temperatures. On the other hand, dry saunas are known for relieving stress and tension, helping the skin regenerate through perspiration, and stimulating blood circulation.

Infrared sauna

The most recent addition of sauna heaters is the infrared sauna heater. Infrared saunas work by using infrared heaters that convert light directly to heat, warming nearby objects and they don’t produce steam. They are different from the conventional saunas because they use a much milder temperature. These saunas are also a lot easier to install. They can be bought online as sauna kits, and all you have to do is install them in any room of the house. Some are as small as a wardrobe. To learn more about these saunas, take a look at the home sauna comparison on and read reviews of the best rated infrared saunas. You will see that they also come with a lot of cool convenience features such as sound systems and light therapy systems. The benefits of infrared saunas is that the heat penetrates beneath the skin, which is helpful to arthritis sufferers or those with muscle pain. Also, when compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas help you eliminate more toxins. Consistent infrared sauna sessions, stimulate blood flow and decrease pain and inflammation after exercises.

As you can see there are a lot of health benefits in using a sauna. Therefore, no matter what sauna you choose, be sure you follow the directions appropriately in order to receive all the advantages they can offer.

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