Health Risks Associated with Microwaved Food

The best thing about microwaves is that they greatly reduce the amount of time spent preparing your food. They have become very popular and accessible and can be found almost in every house. Nowadays, you can even find sophisticated built-in microwave ovens, that help you save space and look amazing in any kitchen. If you read some drawer microwave reviews, you will see that these built-in drawer ovens can be quite expensive. However, people don’t spare any expenses when it comes to fancy appliances like a drawer oven, despite the ever growing concerns related to microwave ovens. During the microwaving process, the food is exposed to microwave radiation that produces a rapid increase of temperature and so, it is cooked more rapidly. Although the research in this area didn’t gather enough evidences to prove that the microwaved food is not healthy there are some concerns about this type of exposure.

Health risks

Microwave ovens are devices that should be used once we understand how the radiation and radio frequency works. Simply standing near a microwave while functioning, will expose us to the radiation. Certain people who were exposed to microwaves and consumed microwaved food, reported allergies. Studies on industrial exposure recommend that people shouldn’t exceed one milliwatt for more than one minute per day and most of the microwave ovens exceed this recommendation.

They are also considered to cause cancer cells that increase in the human blood. Food also becomes highly carcinogenic if cooked in plastic. It seems that the risk of stomach and intestinal cancers is much higher in those who eat microwaved food.

Microwaves heat food from the inside out, creating a disturbance on the molecular level. This process damages the molecules and alters the food composition. The elements in our food change into byproducts which the human body can’t metabolize. Therefore, some nutrients become inactive and some vital nutrients and vitamins are lost in our food. The most important ones are the B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and the essential minerals.

Microwaves are also used to superheat liquids and since we don’t know when they reach the boiling point, most of them are heated above the normal boiling point. This also affects the quality of the breast milk in that it alters the bacteria-digesting enzymes and decreases the antibody levels, responsible in helping the babies overcome infections.

Even if the effects are not observable in a short time, a microwaved food diet has long lasting health consequences. It is a proven fact that after a person eats microwaved food, there appears an increase of the level of white blood cells, which is often a warning for poison. Some other health risks and diseases associated with microwaved food are the loss of memory and concentration, indigestion or the increasing cholesterol levels. Also, the radiation emitted by a microwave oven affects the heart rate.

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