Health Problems Caused by Bad Mattresses

If you are thinking about buying a mattress, make sure you will take the best decision. In our days, choosing a mattress is very difficult. Every person’s needs are different and you will find plenty of different types of mattresses on the market but you should buy a qualitative mattress which can support your body in a normal position.

A bad mattress can cause many health problems. That’s why it’s recommended to change your mattress every eight years. The effects that a bad mattress can have on your health can be potentially serious, such as back pains, drowsiness, throat irritation, allergies and many other problems.

Back pains

Usually, you suffer from back pain or neck pain when your mattress is old or you have a low-quality mattress which forces you to sleep in an unnatural position. It’s recommended to buy a soft and supportive mattress that takes your body’s shape while you sleep, so you can prevent injuries from developing. A good mattress must provide you with back support and comfort, because if you’re choosing the wrong one you will suffer from worse lower back pain.

Throat irritations and allergies

You must know that an older mattress has a bigger chance to become a home for mites than a new one. Undoubtedly, these irritating creatures can produce plenty of skin and respiratory problems such as asthma, throat irritation, eczema or allergies.

You should think about drying out, airing and vacuuming your mattress, if you want to prevent a mold infestation. Using an antibacterial spray on the mattress before you make the bed can also be helpful.

You must think about changing your old pillows and mattress to prevent this type of disorders. It`s recommended to buy a mattress made of a hypoallergenic material. Bamboo mattresses are a healthier alternative that naturally repels allergens and creates a barrier between your airways and the sleeping surface so that you will not inhale any irritants. At, you will find a selection of the highest quality bamboo mattresses that will keep you away from health problems and will increase the comfort of your sleep. Trust them to provide you a safe and healthy sleeping environment.


Maybe don’t know this, but obesity is one of the disorders produced by having a wrong mattress. These days, plenty of people suffered from obesity and you should attribute this disease to the quality of your mattress. If you are used to stirring through the night make sure that you have a mattress which can offer you this freedom.

You must be aware that we spend one-third of our life sleeping. That’s why a good night’s sleep is so important. To get a good sleep you should have a qualitative mattress because maybe we don’t realize its importance, but plenty of our health problems are caused by bad mattresses.

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