Health Effects of Chlorine in Drinking Water

Chlorine is a chemical element. It Is one of the most common elements because it can be found in water and even in salt. This element is used for disinfection, because it kills many pathogenic bacteria which can cause plenty of illnesses, such as cholera, dysentery or gastroenteritis disease.

The health effects

Some specialists proved that chlorine uses to be safe, but in contact with natural substances and pollutants in the water, it may become the actual cause of cancer and various dysfunctions of the immune system. It can cause cell damage, destroying our tissue and cells. A recent study shows that women with breast cancer have a higher level of chlorine in their breast cells than healthy women. You should also know that it can produce respiratory problems or skin irritations, especially while showering because the skin level absorption is higher.

You may have noticed that chlorine is the principal cause of the bad taste and odor from your tap water. That’s why many of you prefer to drink other unhealthy beverages. One of the good news is that you can easily remove chlorine from your water. Here are some tips to get rid of the chlorine from your water:


Undoubtedly, your body need a lot of water to perform its functions such as blood circulation and temperature regulation, digestion or respiration. The quantity and especially the quality of the water is very important for our organs.

Because tap water can contain chlorine, nitrates, dissolved metals and mineral salts, it’s recommended to install a the best water filtration system for home which will purify the water by absorbing chlorine and other contaminants.

Before you buy a water filter you should think about performing a water test to see what you should be looking to remove. After that, you can opt for the best water filtration system for home which removes chlorine,heavy metals (mercury), or parasites. You can also use another type of system to remove other contaminants. For example, if you try reverse osmosis you can remove perchlorates, and through distillation you can remove arsenic.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you put chlorine into a fish bowl? Exactly, all the fishes will die. So why we should drink tap water with this chemical that kills organisms? Because of this, it’s recommended to drink purified water or oxygenated water. Nobody will argue that chlorine has a big importance for water disinfection, but also, it represents a serious problem for our heath.

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