Best Natural Remedies for the Flu

Everybody knows there are a lot of viruses out there and if you present symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and sore throat, you probably have a cold, or even worse if you have a fever, headache, nausea or vomiting, you can have the flu. We are tempted at the first sign of disease to go to the pharmacy, but experts say that natural treatments for cold and flu can be easily found in our own pantry. Plenty of food that you include in your diet can play a double role because it can provide cures for a lot of diseases. We can recommend for you some natural remedies for the flu which will help you feel better.

Vitamin C

Usually, when you are cold you should think about opting for a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. That’s why your diet should include vitamin C which is essential during illness. It’s recommended to take vitamin C from vegetables and fruits, especially from lemons. It’s also recommended to eat plenty of anti-infection vegetables or fruits, such as carrots because they have beta-carotene, rice which will curb diarrhea and soothe your stomach, chili peppers for your sinuses and even onion which combats other infections.

Hot liquids

During your illness, you must drink plenty of hot liquids which relieve nasal congestion and soothe your inflamed throat membranes. Make a hot tea of chamomile with honey and lemon. The chamomile tea has antibacterial effects which will help you treat the flu and it will protect you against infections.

You should think about preparing a hot mixture with lemon and honey because it can reduce the frequency of nausea and vomiting. Honey has some antimicrobial effects which will fight against illness.

The chicken soup is also a good treatment for the flu because it treats the inflammations and thins the mucus. You should add some garlic to your soup because it contains a compound called allicin which has some antiviral effects and kills the germs.

The hot drinks, usually, treat flu symptoms such as a cough, sneezing and sore throat.

Cold compresses

Another method to treat the flu involves cold compresses, more precisely wet socks. It may sound strange, but you can actually treat your fever this way. Soak a pair of cotton socks in cold vinegar and rest in bed. In the morning, you will feel much better.

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