Best Natural Remedies for Acne

Acne is a very common skin problem for both teenagers and adults and it is caused by the excess production of natural oils. All sort of things can lead to this condition, such as hormonal unbalances, diet, stress, or unclean skin. Some effective alternatives for cosmetics and surgical treatments are the natural remedies. These natural ingredients can be found at home or at the drug store. All of them contain minerals and vitamins and are made of herbal extracts.

Tea tree oil

This is a natural solution and it has antibacterial properties. All you have to do is to dilute the tea tree oil with water and apply it to the affected area with a cotton swab. Apply the mixture twice a day and it will kill the bacteria.


The problem of acne can be treated with honey. It is a natural antibiotic and only a teaspoon applied to the affected areas can make your face look much better. You can also prepare a mask by mixing cinnamon with a thick honey substance and place it on your face. Use this mixture a couple of times per week. It will definitely help you.


Yogurt is another natural option that can help you in clearing up acne. It has a double action, both internal and external, because it has great benefits when it is consumed and even greater benefits when you apply it directly to the affected region. To thicken up the consistency of the yogurt, you can mix it with some oatmeal, which is also great for the skin. Leave the treatment on the skin for a while and then easily clean it.

Aloe plant

This is another natural remedy that has healing properties and helps fight infection, and it even reduces scarring. The plant is recommended for various severe types of acne. Aloe vera juice applied to acne has great benefits. It can also be taken internally thus offering more gains.

Mint juice

This is another successful ingredient very well-known from the ancient times. Mint has soothing properties which are helpful for skin inflammation and irritation. Another way to use it is by placing fresh mint leaves in a hot bath which will help in treating acne on other parts of the body.

Other helpful natural remedies

There are many other natural remedies for acne that can be very useful and easy to do:

  • Apply toothpaste on the affected areas before you go to bed and wash off in the morning. Repeat this several nights.
  • Eat many fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Blend a cucumber and apply the paste on your face for 1/2 hour and then rinse. It’s very refreshing and prevents acne.
  • Mash up some ripe tomatoes and leave the paste on your face for an hour.
  • Mix a few spoons of flour with a glass of milk and use it as a daily face wash.

Keep in mind that all the above natural remedies are very efficient if you take some vitamins and mineral supplements and fallow a healthy diet.

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